Senin, 11 September 2017

5 Websites to Sell and Publish Your eBooks and eComics: How to Sell Your eBooks

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Free is fine to promote your first eBooks or comics series. To create and spread your name awareness using the first free eBook in your series is a great way to building up your fans. When the time comes, you will be a great writer or a comic artist known across the globe, eventually. So where do you want to start your publication? It's my version, there are 5 websites can promote your eBooks and eComics:

Play Store (Google Play)
Pro: Easy to access using smartphones  in Android OS, your eBooks easily can be downloaded directly to your smartphones.
Con: you need to be a Google Play Book Partner first, and no one knows when it will be opened for the next batch to become a Google Play Book Partner.

Pro: the most reliable eBooks store and still powerful to today in computer base web store
Con: not powerful enough when compare to mobile internet access, more and more people going to mobile when accessing internet, so Play Store comes in place.

Pro: your eBooks and eComics can be sell in Amazon via Lulu, and you can also print your eBooks and Ecomics in paperback or hard cover print version.
Con: Lulu also just like Amazon, popular in computer base users, the print version is not cheap enough.

Pro: its a comics marketplace, sell and buy your eComics, you can promote you skill in comics too, you can become a comicspreneur. You can download ikomik app in Play Store.
Con: You need to print your own comic to sell in hard print version.

Pro: for you a novel author or a story designer, sell your eNovel, you can promote you skill in novel too, you can become a novelpreneur, inovel is a novel marketplace. You can download inovel app in Play Store.
Con: You need to print your own novel to sell in hard print version, hey for the sake of human kind and the planet, enough cutting down trees, let's go green, stop buying paper printed books.