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Call for Characters: Non profit Publication - An1mage International Characters Fiesta 2 is closed wait for ICF 3

designed by I Made Marthana Yusa ( - 2016

designed by an1mage team

Characters designers around the globe contribute in the first "International Characters Fiesta 1". Great international characters artist from America, UK, Greek, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries was submitting their's characters in the first publication, you can googling the "International Characters Fiesta 1" or click here and find out by yourself what it is all about…

The character(s) copyright is (are) yours to keep. Every artist can send their artworks maximum  up to three pages, a page can consist of one or more characters. The International Characters Fiesta 2 will be published around December 2016 or could be faster when at least 100 pages are fully booked.

The publication will be in eBook format with ISBN, the artist gets their name, and their artwork(s) exposure in international publication distributed via amazon, google play, google book and others, the eBook can be downloaded for free. This publication will help your portfolio out looks great for your future career.

Sharing your artworks in any kind of social media is cool, but putting your artworks in an (e)book will make you immortal, just like old saying says "publishing a book makes you immortal" but make sure the book have International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

For print version, you can print it by yourself or you can pre-order from us, handling and shipping it to your given address. But there is no mandatory to buy the print version book from us either. Now it is your time to turn the tide, make sure you are using International Characters Fiesta template in MS Word. doc format only, use this PDF file as your guidance and then click here to submits yours in colour, 2D or 3D or you can send by email to: or before 25 November 2016.Be immortal in history or be forgotten.

Tips: There is no need for you to draw a new character, just use your old one, send it right away.

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Confirmed update list artists for International Characters Fiesta 2 per 29/9/2016
1. I Made Marthana Yusa - Indonesia
2. Marc Ducrow  - United Kingdom
3. Facundo Moyano - Argentina
4. Ivan Yankov - Czech Republic
5. Elisa Claes -Belgium
6. Safaat Akbar - Indonesia
7. Toni Masdiono - Indonesia
8. Hayashinomura - Indonesia
9. Michael Vanier - USA
10. Zulkarnaen - Indonesia
11. Arry Lesmana Tan - Indonesia
12 Ahmad Hakim - Indonesia
13. Dhimas Febriar Sulih - Indonesia
14. Chin Chongcha - Thailand
15. Colin - United States of America (USA)
16. Tahta Lazuardy Benu - Indonesia
17. Thomi Aha - Indonesia
18. Malena Bon- United States of America (USA)
19. M.S. Gumelar - Indonesia
20. Archana Universa - Indonesia
21. Eternal Shadow S-Phillipines

The International Characters Fiesta 2 program is closed
The deadline was 25 November 2016.Be immortal in history or be forgotten.

The book now is being process and going to published in December 2016.

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