Senin, 20 April 2015

Recipe of happiness & inner peace

M.S. Gumelar, An1mage Words of wisdom

Recipe of happiness & inner peace:
1.    Remove the memory load, burden of the past, forgive and make peace in yourself.
2.    Stop criticizing others and begin to do the right things start with yourself.
3.    Dare and brave to help others who are good & qualified, help them out to acquire their rights.
4.    Words and action must be the same (integrity) and do not be a hypocrite (words and what you do is differ).
5.    Do not worry about your future, but make an effort with your skills to achieve your goals.
6.    Be patient, because all of them need process and experience of yourself, in time they will be achieved.

M.S. Gumelar

M.S. Gumelar

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